random things and thoughts … and bad ideas

About this blog

This place is about keeping track of all the more or less noteworthy things I did or thought about. Most of those things are dirty hacks to solve problems most people don’t have because either I’m trying to do something “the hard way” to learn about how it could work or because I’m a lazy bum who can’t be bothered with doing it “the right way”.

So this blog has these major purposes ordered by priority:

  1. Document how and why I did things the way I did. Whenever I reach the minimum requirements for a “project” of mine I tend to stop working on it for months because it already works. So coming back to something usually means I have to nearly start from scratch. Which doesn’t really fit my lazy bum mentality.
  2. Make my documentation available to people out there who might be for whatever reason on the same path as I was and serve as a warning how it should not be done. Or maybe as a reference if you’re just as lazy/unreasonable/stupid as I am.
  3. Make people with greater knowledge than me able to point out stupid mistakes or possible tweaks to make things more efficient. This is not just to enlighten me with additional knowledge but also to keep others from doing really stupid things. See point 2. Comments are enabled for everyone globally but will only be published after moderation.
  4. Do something productive like practicing writing comprehensive text … actually I’m pretty bored sometimes.


Obviously I am not a genius who thought up all this stuff on his own so the majority of my hacks was gathered from other places around the web with my work merely being a little trial and error combination. Also I don’t think there is much merit in my little hacks and gimmicks. That is why I will not claim any rights for the things I publish here. So all the posts, scripts, images, etc. I create and publish on this blog will be released into the public domain unless noted otherwise. Feel free to use anything you might find useful. Although it would be nice to mention where you found it.


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