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Monthly Archives: September 2014

my very own Gentoo UEFI live stick

After buying the MS Surface Pro 2 my first thought was: “Let’s get some real OS on this thing and actually start working”. The SP2 is not as locked down as your generic Android or iOS tablet because it is technically a normal PC just as any other notebook. Still the limited connectivity and very minimalistic UEFI make booting other operating systems not as trivial as usual. To test Linux running on the SP2 and later handle the permanent installation I looked for a Linux live distribution that can be EFI booted from a USB stick. Surprisingly many live distributions I found did not support both EFI boot and USB sticks back when I did my search. Having played around with aufs to make my router run from RAM some time before I thought I should just try to create my own UEFI Live Stick.

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