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Monthly Archives: August 2014

a farm of mules


Admittedly I’m a file sharer. I like keeping files available to the public that are rare and hard to find. In my opinion file sharing is the only way to prevent some media from vanishing into oblivion (think Star Wars pre-1997 LDs). My tool of choice for sharing files is amule connecting to the Kad network. I like Kad because it’s decentralized, easily accessible, allows concurrent sharing of a multitude of files and back in the days e-/amule were among the first p2p clients to properly support Unicode. Also other networks seem to have a lot more trouble with manipulated search queries.

Sharing a very large number of rare files with Kad will make you run into a little problem though. Emule and apparently amule too have a hard-coded limit of files getting published per day to prevent flooding peers. All files may be available for transfer requests so source exchange between peers still works. But if you’re the only source for a file on the whole network source exchange won’t be any help because usually there will be no other peer to exchange sources with. That means ultra rare files should stay published all the time for that one occasion every few months when someone does actually search for it else it will be playing dice for the file to be available at all. Obviously this problem is getting worse the more files you are sharing making the relative time frame files are getting published shorter and shorter. I came across this issue when I noticed my amule not having any uploads at all for hours despite sharing several thousands of files. Which is easily explained with amule only publishing rare files that never get requested for days.

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